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Bernina World of Sewing Archived Bernina Clubs 2013

Bernina Club

Held the first Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the month and presents a for show-and-tell and an original program. Intended to spark your creativity! Learn a new technique, see the secrets to successful projects. Every month is a new topic. Sewers of all kinds and owners of all brands are welcome! First visit is free and $3.50 thereafter.

Archived Bernina Club Summaries - 2013

In December

Holiday and 2013 Wonderments
Presented by: Our Staff and You

December is Special -

We got together to see some of our Staff's-Created Samples
as Well as Sharing Good Times With Others!

In November

Woven Quilts
Presented by: Nancy Glasgow

We are sure you have all felt some nostalgia when stopping at Carolyn’s display of pot holder looms in the front of our store. Probably all of you have created some of these as you were growing up.  You may even have some hanging in your kitchen.    But…. have you ever considered weaving a quilt together?  Nancy discussed with us how that is possible, while giving us an introduction to Anna Faustino’s techniques as shown in her book "Simply Stunning Woven Quilts".­   We hope the samples and explanations inspired attendees to try something new.

1 1/2-Min. Movie

In October

It all started with a Onesie!
Presented by: Nancy Glasgow

We took a closer look at two very similar patterns, some applications of several machine feet that we may already have in our collection but have not been using, and a special introduction to using the serger.

Nancy encouraged us to think ”outside the box” as she shared her latest “creations”.

In September

Borders and the Power of Color
Presented by: Sonja Shogren
Sonja presented how color and proportion come together to help you complete a beautiful creation.

A Customer's
Show and Tell
of a Small Hanging.
Thank You, Karen, For Sharing!

3-Min. Movie

In July

Thread: Painting and Embellishing
Presented by: Evelyn Judson
Evelyn Judson, award winning quilt maker joined us for August Bernina Club. She has a passion for painting and embellishing with thread.

We appreciated her talent and her technique for solid thread work.

In June

Breezy Weave Bags designed by Aunties Two Patterns

Lisa Ross showed us some ins and outs of the Breezy Weave Bags designed by Aunties Two Patterns.

The bags are made with basic techniques, unique design options and finish with gorgeous results.

Lisa gave us some critical tips to create a one of a kind creation that will have people asking: "Where did you buy that bag...I want one!"

We can smile with pride and say: "Thank you.... you cannot buy it; I made it myself."

In May

Oh, the Places You Can Go
with One Yard of Fabric

Ursula shared her
"One-Yard Wonders" with us.
We discovered some uses
for one yard of fabric!
Some of us won one of the
store's door prizes...yards of fabric!

1-Min. Movie

In April
Marks Are Due, This Time Of Year - So:

Our "consumer reporter", Sylvia Greene tested and evaluated products to mark fabric - and passed onto us her opinions!

Which ones get a star...which one's to avoid?

How to remove the markings?

And, how do you decide which one is best for your current project?

1-Min. Movie

In March
Meet Peggy Forster

Peggy started quilting with Georgia Bonsteel's first show on WUNC. When everyone in her family had a bed quilt, she switched to wall art quilts.

Not willing to repeat the same process over and over, she looked for inspiration wherever it could be found. Her work is a mix of various methods and is constantly evolving.

2-Min. Movie

In February

What Are These Used For?

Ann, of our staff, discussed: Spanish hem stitch attachment, double needles, wing needles and triple needles -- You might have heard the names but what do you do with them?

We found out!

Some Customer Show-and-Tell

3-Min. Movie

In January

Carolyn's Two Days of sew, sew, sew!

If I had 2 days to just sew, sew, sew.... what would I do?!

I have this list of things I want to try one day.. so this first week of January was the week! Carolyn shared her bits and pieces with us at our January Bernina Club.

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