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Bernina World of Sewing Archived Bernina Clubs 2016

Bernina Club

Held the first Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the month and presents a for show-and-tell and an original program. Intended to spark your creativity! Learn a new technique, see the secrets to successful projects. Every month is a new topic. Sewers of all kinds and owners of all brands are welcome! First visit is free and $3.50 thereafter.

Archived Bernina Club Summaries - 2016

In December:
Mingle and Jingle Open House
plus Show and Tell and 9-inch Block Exchange
and: A presentation by Annie Smith, a BERNINA Embroidery professional.

(Clicking above - within the upper-middle portion of the photo - will enable a one-minute video of the Show/Tell Gathering quilts).

Our staff provided some holiday cookies and other "tastes" and, before you came to the December Bernina Club, you completed - and brought to the December Club - a pieced or appliquéd finished-9-inch Christmas block (9 1/2 by 9 1/2 includes seam allowance). You gave a smile to someone -- and, perhaps took few blocks home if you won the drawing! The blocks were a shade of red/green/white/gold.

For Saving/Information:
2015 BWOS Recipes in PDF Format.

Some of the December 2016 Blocks:
Thank you all! We will soon add, here, additional block's photos taken during the Bernina Clubs December 2016.

Amy O

Shirley H

Wake Forest






Saturday Blocks - December 3, 2016
To see all the above in one image, click on:

In November:
Holiday Projects!

Our annual staff-presented Bernina Club, showed some holiday projects and ideas.

Three of the Projects that were Presented:
Webmaster review: "I enjoyed reading the book and can recommend it as a holiday gift if you are looking for a gift for someone or for yourself. I can't comment on the patterns themselves, as I am not a quilter -- but, the quilts all look great and the photography top-notch. All that it is missing was some Italian food recipes, so buy an Italian Cookbook to go along with the quilt book gift and your gift will be a true winner". (Our Store Sample)
From the book:
"Quilts In Italy"

A pattern: "The Four Sided Placemat". The four sides are all connected so that you can flip from one to the other, changing the season or color as you wish. (Our Store Sample)

A pattern: "Mini Tuffett". This little “Mini-Tuffet” Pincushion was quick and fun to assemble.  I knew I did not have the time or resources to make a big one right now, but this little one makes me happy just to look at it sitting next to my sewing machine! (Our Store Sample)

In October:
All About Deb Tucker Rulers

Frustrated with wonky flying geese or wobbly square-in-a-square blocks? Jim Matlock talked about a few of his favorite Deb Tucker rulers and walked us step by step through using the Wing Clipper. He also talked about other useful notions and techniques that go along with better piecing.

In September:
Auction and Sale of Store Quilt Samples and Other Craft Items

The September Bernina Club was an auction and sale of store quilt samples and other craft items of various size and shapes. We purchased what suited our fancy!

(To see a photo of some items we had for the event, click on the following):

4-min. Movie

In August:
Ask Sonja: Tips and Techniques

Sonja talked about some of the most-asked questions that are brought to her at the store and in her classes.

For example: Proportion of borders, "easy" way of sewing binding ends together, pressing seams, "I was told this..." and other matters.

4-min. Movie

In June:
Scrap Crazy 6" Templates

We like jigsaw puzzles -- and, we came to see what one can create by using some interesting shapes as Nancy shared how much fun the Scrap Crazy 6" templates can be.

In May:
Farm Girl Fever

We grabbed our farm boots and we caught the Farm Girl Fever! Stacey Zabarsky shared her Farm Girl Vintage quilts, tips and techniques using Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book. We saw how the ability to mix and max, the quilt possibilities are endless!

In April:
Seeing Stars

Ursula has been seeing stars--Plum Easy Pattern stars, that is! She showed some fun techniques to create 6 and 8-pointed stars. 

In March:
Coloring books -- and: "Playing with fabric"!

While coloring books are so popular these days, playing with fabric is even more fun.  Ann combined the two and colored in the lines with fabric.

In February:
Creating Bookmarks and More!

How many sewing techniques have you wanted to try, but didn't know a project to use them for? We are going to make bits and pieces to create fun bookmarks! Tiny piecing/applique/fuse/couch/tuck/scallops/landscapes... stylish artistry and lots of fun!

In January:
Let's Do the Math Together!

Do you have a layer cake, honey bun, jelly roll, fat quarter, charm pack  or other precut? 

It all sounds good but what sizes are they and how many squares or triangles or ??? can you get out of them?  Ann has found some great resources to help us and demonstrated how to help us figure it out!

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