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Upcoming classes are being added here as information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates. Thank you!

Beginners—Start to Finish    $80

Instructor: Sonja Shogren

CL-begstart-Nov Saturday(s)
November 11, 18 2017 10:00Am-4:30Pm (Full-Day class)
CL-begstart-March-18 Saturday(s)
March 24, 31 2018 10:00Am-4:30Pm (Full-Day class)

There will not be a Wednesday Evening Beginners—Start to Finish class this Summer/Fall 2017.

If you always have wanted to learn how to make a quilt - come and join us for four relaxing Tuesday mornings - or, two relaxing Saturdays.

This class will teach you how to make a quilt from start to finish, including straight-line machine quilting and finishing the quilt with a binding. This is a true beginner's class.

This is an ideal class for "busy" people -- almost no homework! Also, a good class for a young person who is experimenting to see if he/she enjoys sewing.

Note: This class requires that you have a sewing machine, at home, for any necessary homework.

Skill level - Beginner

Approx. 39” x 42”
(Class Sample)

(Recent Student's Pieces)

North-South Bound    $90

Instructor: Sonja Shogren

CL-north-south Tuesday(s) October 24, 31, November 7, 14 2017 10:00Am-1:00Pm (Morning class)

CL-north-south Wednesday(s) October 18, 25, November 1, 8 2017 6:00-9:00Pm (Evening class)

You could design your own quilt - or, you might adopt the class sample. We make the quilt using three different blocks - using lots of colors, offering you flexibility while allowing you to challenge your imagination!

Skill level - Advanced Beginner and Above

(Class Sample)

(A Previous Class Student's Pieces after Final Session)

One Block Wonder    $90

Instructor: Sonja Shogren

CL-xxxx Tuesday(s) February 6, 13, 27, March 6 2018 10:00Am-1:00Pm (Morning class)

CL-yyyy Wednesday(s) February 7, 14, 28, March 7 2018 6:00-9:00Pm (Evening class)

Yes, the class is back! Choose a fabric that you really like - and I promise that you will have fun, with lots of surprises, while creating your One Block Wonder quilt. Join us for new adventures with your fabric!

Note: This should not be your first quilt project.

Skill level - Advanced Beginner and Above

Student's Class-size Center and Piece-size
will be different than the following.
70" x 80"

Student's Center-size Examples (Without Borders).
30" x 30"

French Fold Binding    $30

Instructor: Sonja Shogren

CL-BIND Wednesday Novevmber 29 6:00-9:00Pm (Evening class)

Do you have a quilt at home that is almost finished -- and you need help with the binding? Let's finish it together. Please note: The quilt must already be quilted to take this class.

You learn how to do the binding with classic mitered French Fold corners. Machine and Hand Sewing is involved.

Skill level - All

Appliqué Quilt Patterns Inspired by McKenna Ryan    $55 plus pattern

Instructor: Debi Balogh

CL-xxxx Tuesday and Wednesday January 30, February 7 2018 1:00-4:00Pm (Afternoon class)

McKenna Ryan quilt patterns delight and inspire quilters the world over. With a wide range of designs from all genres, McKenna’s unique signature style has captured the hearts of quilters for over two decades!

Come join me in making one of these beautiful patterns. This simple appliqué method is easy-to-follow, quilters of ALL skill levels can enjoy her quilt designs that truly are one of a kind.

You choose the pattern and I will walk you through this wonderful journey on creating your own art quilt.

Pattern: You choose the pattern.

Skill level - All

Turkey Legs    $45 plus book

Instructor: Debi Balogh

CL-xxxx Monday November 6 2017 1:00-4:00Pm (Afternoon class)

Bring a smile to family and friends with this fast, whimsical turkey wall hanging. This raw edge applique is easy to make with scraps you have on hand.

Book: (Check with the store)

Skill level - Beginner and Above

Millefiori the Easy Way    $25 plus book

Instructor: Shirley Usry

September 18, October 9 2017

10:30Am – 12:00 Pm (Morning Class)

Everyone is talking about Millefiori or La Passacaglia quilts. Let Shirley demystify and share her insight and experience as you see how the pieces fit together with different variations.

This quilt is hand-pieces with a running stitch. It’s very portable and stash and scrap friendly.

You can make your piece as large as you want it to be.

Skill level - Beginner

Christmas Tree    $50

Instructor: Amy O'Donnell

CL-xxxxx Saturday October 28 10:00-4:00Pm (Full-Day class)
Kick off the 2017 Holiday Sewing Season with these fun Christmas trees made out of 2.5 inch strips and batting scraps. These trees make great gifts, or can be a perfect addition to your own holiday decor. One package of strips makes two sets of trees. Small tree is 8.5 inches high, large tree is 16 inches high.

Must have a sewing machine capable of stitching through multiple layers of fabric and batting, a good straight stitch and zig zag stitch required. Must have experience using the machine to sew on quilt binding, also hand sewing required.

This is a single all day class which will last from 10am-4pm. Please bring your lunch so that we can keep the momentum going and get as much done as possible!

Skill level - Advanced Beginner

Small Tree: 8.5 inches high
Large tree: 16 inches high

Leave the Light On    $65 plus Pattern

Instructor: Amy O'Donnell

CL-xxxxx Wednesday(s) October 11, 25 10:00-2:00Pm (Mid-Day class)
Here's a challenging but very rewarding project to enhance your holiday decor. You won't want to give this one away.

Fabric holiday house is made of 2.5 inch strips fused onto Bosal pre-cut forms specific to this project. Sides and roof are attached to lining pieces and bound, then hand sewn together. Finished house measures 8 x 8 x 5 inches. 

This project is for advanced beginner and intermediate / advanced sewers. Maximum of 6 students, must have experience using fusibles, sewing on binding by machine, and hand sewing.

This class consists of two sessions and has many steps.  Not difficult but time consuming. 

Please bring your lunch so that we can keep the momentum going and get as much done as possible!

Skill level - Advanced Beginner

8" x 8" x 5"

Hexagon Table Topper    $40 plus Pattern

Instructor: Amy O'Donnell

CL-xxxxx Wednesday November 8 10:00-2:00Pm (Mid-Day class)
This is a quick and fun project that can be made as a seasonal item, or to coordinate with your own personal decor.

These make great hostess gifts when paired with a candle or some cookies, or even on their own.

You can increase or decrease the size as desired, or depending on how much fabric you have. Once you have made one, you won't be able to stop!  Great way to use leftover fabric.

Great project for all skill levels.

Please bring your lunch so that we can keep the momentum going and get as much done as possible!

Skill level - Beginner and up

Holiday Table Runner    $45 plus Book

Instructor: Amy O'Donnell

CL-xxxxx Wednesday December 6 10:00-2:00Pm (Mid-Day class)
Using the "Vanilla Creme Table Runner" pattern from the book Cozy Modern Quilts by: Kim Schaefer, we will use precut 2.5 inch strips to make a 20 x 44 inch table runner.

Use holiday fabric or the fabric of your choice.

This is a perfect project for beginners, and a great way to use up leftover strips from the Aunties Two holiday projects.

In class, we will assemble the table runner top - creating the quilt sandwich, quilting, and binding will be done on your own, although Amy will be happy to help you get started on finishing if we have time.  

Please bring your lunch so that we can keep the momentum going and get as much done as possible!

Note: We are planning to use this same book for another project in early 2018 - I will be teaching a class on the "Carousel Lap Quilt", so you potentially could use this book again. There are many great projects in this book, could even be doing more from it in 2018 - highly recommend. 

Skill level - Beginner and up

Drunkard Path    $70 plus Pattern

Instructor: Stephanie Pennington-Grant

CL-xxxxx Saturday September 30 10:00-3:00Pm (Full Mid-Day class)
Gain comfort with curved piecing. This class will share the ease of curve piecing, while helping you learn the Drunkards Path Block. The block placement is so versatile; you will be able to design several layouts for your quilt.

Skill level - Advanced Beginner

Wall-hanging size and up

Introduction to Free Motion Quilting    $30

Instructor: Sue Miskovic

CL-xxxxx Saturday September 23 1:30-4:30Pm (Afternoon class)
CL-xxxxx Monday November 13 10:00am-1:00Pm (Morning class)
Don't let the idea of free motion quilting scare you. We will be working on a pre-printed panel used for the walking foot class. This makes it quick and easy to get started stitching while learning multiple design elements.

Skill level - Beginner

Get Your Walking Foot Moving!    $30

Instructor: Sue Miskovic

CL-xxxxx Saturday September 23 10:00am-1:00Pm (Morning class)
CL-xxxxx Monday October 16 10:00am-1:00Pm (Morning class)
Learn the basics of straight-line machine quilting using the pre-printed "Skill-builder Sampler" panel. You will be working with a "walking foot" to practice grid, cross hatch, channel and stitch in the ditch quilting. You will also learn how to maneuver larger projects.

Skill level - Check with the store

Mastering your BSR -  BERNINA Stitch Regulator    $30

Instructor: Sue Miskovic

CL-xxxxx Monday October 2 10:00am-1:00Pm (Morning class)
Now that you have a Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR), take it out of the box and get started using it!  The BSR is the best tool for free motion quilting.  This hands-on class is designed to familiarize you with the operation of this great quilting tool.  You will be practicing on fabric that you might want to make into small gift items (placemats, mug rugs, etc.) after the class.  

Skill level - Beginner

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