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Our Wilmington-Store Walls - Quilt "Gallery"

This Web page is aimed at "showing off" our wonderful Store Walls! The walls have quilt pieces available for your/our enjoyment. If this Web page gives some of you encouragement to stop by and enjoy the view: Terrific.

The quilts are Store Samples made by our staff, Class Samples made by our teachers, and some pieces "donated" by our customers for display.

Let us know if you have any questions/comments about any pieces shown here - and, again: If you have time to stop by our store and "Enjoy The View" please do so. We look forward to seeing you.

Any questions or comments about the following, please:
send your eMail to: OurStoreWallsWilmington at Bernina World of Sewing Wilmongton dotcom

Webmaster's Disclaimer: Not all of the Store Wall contents are shown here - and, shown-pieces on this Web page may no longer be on the walls at the store (it is a moving-target...). The following images are not shown in any particular order; when you arrive at the store just browse all the walls! Also, I apologize for the shown-quality of many of the following photos. All photos, below, are shown similar-sized and the shown-image does not reflect actual size of the shown-piece (just send an eMail to me at the above eMail address if you have any questions). Please know that the quality of the reality is normally MUCH better than a Web-shown image.

(Clicking on any of the following images will show the image in larger-size).


















Did you spot a favorite or two or three, above? I am curious what your choices were today -- and, if/when you are in the store and see the pieces in "reality" - what caught your fancy. Just:

send your eMail to: OurStoreWallsWilmington at Bernina World of Sewing Wilmington dotcom

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