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BWOS Sonja Quilting Jane Austen Kit Store Sample 2020/2021

The following are shown as quilting of Sonja's Jan Austen Diamond Quilt 2021 is taking place.
Perhaps the images-shown trigger some interest/discussion as you forge ahead as your Jane Austen 2020/2021 project takes place.

Any questions/comments, just: send mail to: JaneAustenAtHome at Bernina World of Sewing dotcom

(Click on any of the following images to the image in larger-size)

Quilting: Getting Started

Quilting: Completing Majority of Diamonds in Quilt Top Center

Quilting: Completed Majority of Diamonds in Quilt Top Center

Still to do: Center Large-Diamond (Medallion) and Border Diamonds

Quilting: Closer Looks

Quilting: Still To-Do

Main Center Diamond - Before Quilting
Border Diamonds - Before Quilting

Quilting: Attacking the Border Diamonds in Quilt Top Center

To see a 7-min. Video of the Quilting In Progress, Click below:

Please position your Cursor over the following area
and click on the "Play" button within the then-shown Controls.

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