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2021 Quilt Along General Information

This Web page is a central-place for information regarding our year-long 2021 BOM Quilt Along project.

Any questions or comments about the following, please:
send your eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing dotcom





2021 Offered Four Choices of a Colorway

  • The four outer-shown pieces are photos of the completed Store Samples.

  • The center-shown pieces are what the Pattern (handout) used for its purposes.

    Month-1 is indicated in the lower-right and following months are indicated Counter-Clockwise from Month-1, ending with the Final Center.

Questions/Comments: eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing Wilmington dotcom

If you have not already been there, to see a 15-min. QuiltAlong 2021 opening/announcement video, click below:

17 min. Opening/Announcement Video
on YouTube.

Comment from the Webmaster

Please see the detailed QandA PDF below. The quilt ends up about 66" x 66" and the pattern has instructions for extending this this using an outer Star border to 96" x 96").

The QandA PDF mentions Quilt Along 2021 is aimed at Advanced Beginner and above. I would add two words to that: Patience and Diligence! You will have a busy/satisfying eight months I am sure -- and, yet: Some of you will stop after the center medallion, some will stop after a particular month's border has been added -- and, if you DO stop before Month-8: You will have a beautiful piece for your home wall or bed! That, I am certain of: And - well worth the $25 or $95 (with tax) choice you make. Your time/effort is more valuable than the BOM cost and you will be much-rewarded (as I have seen come about as I followed-along the team's success as they created the store samples).
Questions/Comments: eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing Wilmington dotcom

Bernina World of Sewing and Quilt Along 2021

  • Thank you! We have had a great time/response-to our offering of the 2021 Feathered Friends Quilt: A medallion style quilt designed by our own Sonja Shogren and Sona Thorburn. The focus fabrics came in four colorways - orange, pink, purple, and teal and you chose your color and your signing-up was wonderful - and appreciated.

    Now: The colorway choice as well as the extension option for your chosen colorway has been closed ("Sold Out") for 2021.

    The option for you to "Share the Journey" with us by using the Pattern Only option (further explained below) remains and the plan is for that option to continue to be available to those who have not already signed up as 2021 moves forward.

    Again: Thank you for your interest/participation at this point in the project -- and: We look forward during April-thru-November on seeing how you (the Participant) complete the 2021 Feathered Friends Quilt. It will be a busy/satisfying effort.


    • "Pattern Only" - Share the Journey - Option
      Due to demand -- and as a service to you - the store is offering those of you who may have missed the sign-up window a chance to "Share The Journey" with us during the 2021 Feathered Friends Quilt Along, April-thru-November, if that catches your fancy. You purchase the pattern only and use what fabric Colorway YOU decide for your piece (The pattern is based upon your using four shades: -- Dark, Medium, Lt-Medium and Light -- of one "Colorway" plus your Background fabric -- all of which combination YOU come up with). Other than purchasing the pattern ($20 plus tax) -- and, using "your own" fabric -- the monthly pattern/video availability together with any Social Networking/etc. you wish to participate in will be the same. The pattern (and the videos) will be available to you monthly; you would not receive the pattern "at one time"; pattern/video availability is over the eight months as with all of the Quilt Along offerings for 2021. Of course, we would love to work with you at our store and would assist you in fabric purchase, etc. -- and, our Web Shopping site is always available to you. If those do not work for your situation: We encourage you to support your local Quilt Shop if your "fabric stash" does not meet your 2021 objectives. Interested? Register, below.

  • At the end of your 8 month journey with your "Feathered Friends", the entire quilt (Size: About 66" x 66") will be ready for quilting. 

Have Questions? eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing Wilmington dotcom

Signing-Up for QuiltAlong 2021

If you have not already signed up and wish to Share the Journey with us:

Online Pattern-Only "Share the Journey" Sign-Up for 2021 QuiltAlong

  • Monthly Access to Eight Monthly Patterns
  • Monthly Access to Video Instructions
  • Enhanced Social Media Interaction

$20 plus tax
No fabric is included for this option. Fabric requirements as per the Pattern for your OWN Colorway (Dark, Medium, Lt-Medium and Light) and Background fabric for the 66" x 66" finished quilts or the expanded quilt (96" x 96") will be provided to you after sign-up (by clicking on the "Web Shopping", below).

Online Pattern-Only "Share the Journey"
Web Shopping

Have Questions? eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing Wilmington dotcom

Some tools that you may use during the project are mentioned in the QandA PDF and will be mentioned on the Monthly Patterns as the Quilt Along months go along. Amy, in her Monthly Videos will also demonstrate use-of the particular month's tools that she used as she created her Quilt Along piece. The selected tools will be discounted 10% if you purchase them at Sign-Up time. Interested? Click below:

Web Shopping for Some Tools

To access detailed QandA about this year's Quilt Along, see the PDF at:

Disclaimer: The above is shown as best-effort information and the information could be changed at any time as the year moves forward.

Upcoming Month's Meetings:

The store's in-store activity remain affected due to the current guidelines for COVID-19.
QuiltAlong 2021 will have Video access for Monthly Sessions plus Social Media access as described in the above QandA.

The store sent an eMail note to QuiltAlong 2021 Participants (April 5) around the last weekend of the previous month explaining how to access the current month's Pattern and Video.

If you are a 2021 participant and you are looking for an earlier month's 2021 pattern, and you are registered with Quilt Along 2021, just send a message to the eMail shown below.
Further questions/comments, please: 

send an eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing Wilmington dotcom - Just Click Here to send the eMail

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