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Bernina World of Sewing - and
Patriots in Petticoats - Kit, Gatherings and Related Matters

This Web page is aimed at being a central repository of information for our 2011 projects related to the Patriots in Petticoats kit purchased by our customers at Bernina World of Sewing.

This Gathering project has been completed.

At this time, we do not plan on any future Gatherings for this project.
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Some of Carl's Progress

September, 2011
February, 2012

The December Patriot's Gathering was the last-planned Gathering for this project.

The November and December kits are ready for you now!

We have added six more of the Patriots' fabrics to the sales floor.
Have you thought about your back-fabric yet?

Stop by the store and discuss with Sonja.
You might check and see if the back-fabric YOU want has enough left on the bolt.
You need 9-yards for the back!

We took a break from all the tiny pieces within blocks - and sewed the back together! It was fun having two seams each, 3-yards long: Straight-sewing with the walking foot.

If you have any comments about the above, please
send mail to: Webmaster for Bernina World of Sewing regarding Patriots in Petticoats.
and I will get the information to the store. Thank you.

The Patriots quilt (about 98" x 98") was designed by Denise Lipscomb in association with the Daughters of the American Revolution, featuring fabric from the Hanna Wallis Collection by Windham Fabrics.

Our (the store's) 16 blocks and the Completed Quilt

Note: The "Patriots" Kit at our store is now Sold Out.

  • The Gatherings were free with the purchase of the kit (that included patterns and fabric).
  • There was no formal instruction. This was a chance to work together with others.
  • The kit included the fabric for all the blocks, fabric for the center medallion, the background fabric, the ribbon border, the striped border and the binding.

The kit cost was:

  • An initial fee of $90 plus tax
  • Afterwards, each month (11 months), $19.00 plus tax.
  • Total cost: $299 plus tax.

    The "Patriots" Kit at our store was Sold Out.

    The $90 covered the cost for all the patterns and fabric used in the first two blocks.

Thank you for your interest in the Patriots in Petticoats "project".

Any comments or questions, please:
send mail to: Webmaster for Bernina World of Sewing regarding Patriots in Petticoats.

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