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Bernina World of Sewing - and
Downton Abbey Fabric - Oriented
Gathering 2014

This Web page is aimed at being a central repository of information for our 2014 Gathering involving the Downton Abbey fabric collection from Andover Fabrics. The information in this page is intended especially for those of you who participated in the Gathering.

For participating in the Gathering, the following was in-place:

  • The Gathering participants purchased, from our store, the fabric used during the Gatherings.

  • Gathering participants should have experience in sewing and in making quilts.

  • Gathering participants, surely, interact. However, the Gathering is not a class . Each participant is expected to be able to manage his/her own project.

  • The store will not be able to arrange and set-up class machines for use during the Gatherings. Gathering participants should bring to the Gathering what they need for sewing during the Gathering.

  • Due to the numerous options / aims / of each Gathering participant, space at the Gathering is limited.

  • If a Gathering participant decides to "drop out" of the 2014 Gatherings, it would be appreciated if that were known by the store; there may a wait-list and, if a Gathering slot opens - Persons on the wait-list will be notified of such.

This Gathering has now been completed.

Thank you for participating in the August 19, 2014 session. This was the final Downton Abbey Gathering for us and it was wonderful to have such a great / "productive" group: Not just for this final session, but throughout 2014.

Well done.

To contact us by eMail about this, please: send mail to: Webmaster for Bernina World of Sewing related to our Downton Abbey Gathering 2014 activities. Thank you.

After Gathering Was Completed

If Gathering participants have a chance to forward their completed work as time goes on, that work will be shown here.

(Clicking on the following will show selected images in larger-size. You may need your Web browser's ZOOM support to see the entire image).

September, 2014
Thank you, Nina, for sharing.

August, 2014

July, 2014

Thank you for participating in the July 15, 2014 session. We had a great group this month - perhaps the Summer rest time is nearly over!

Congratulations to all of us on our progress.

I look forward to seeing you on August 19, starting at 10:00am. Note: This will be the final 2014 Downton Abbey Gathering. As the August date comes about, please take the time to let me know if you will be joining us.

July 2014

June, 2014

Thank you for participating in the June 17, 2014 session. It was a pleasure to see you - and, to work with you - and: To see your work Thank you.

I finally can see progress on my piece! Fun. Satisfying.

June 2014

May, 2014

Thank you for participating in the May 20, 2014 session. It was a pleasure to see you - and, to work with you - and: To see your work! Thank you.

I feel somewhat guilty for not making as much progress as you are making - but, guilt is overcome with the pleasure of witnessing your success.

May Pleasure(s)

March, 2014

It was wonderful to see how you are making progress. Don't worry, sometime over the year I plan on catching up with MY Downton Abbey project!

Although not many photos, below - we hope that some of the shown-photos on this Web page and on our Downton Abbey BLOG encourage you to forward to us photo-updates as your time allows. Thank you, in advance.

I will see you in May! (April, I am taking a break; however, again: The BLOG is always open and anything you send online to us will be shared with others).

Have a terrific Spring and start to Summer!

Some March not-Madness

February, 2014

Thank you for your participation, again, this month. Although we did not have a lot of time for picture-taking, it was wonderful to see "in person" the progress that each of you have made.

I had to smile, when I heard a couple of "...I wish that I had made.... (someone else's' choice)". Remember: We have plenty of time to make two - or more - pieces during this year's Gatherings! Fun.


Winter-Time 2014 Progress

January, 2014

We had a good start! Thank you for your participation and for sharing with others your beautiful work.


Workers and Works!

To eMail us with any comments or questions about this Gathering, please:
send mail to: Webmaster for Bernina World of Sewing regarding our Downton Abbey Gathering 2014 activities.

A few of you have asked for a Recipe file related to items that have been featured at the Downton Abbey Tea or other-related functions.

To get us started: Click, below, for the Scone's Recipe in PDF format from David.

Of course: we are open to any of YOUR recipes that might fit the occasion.

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