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BERNINA Toolbox Example August 2018
Bernina World of Sewing

This Web page is simply a (second) quick (hopefully quick..) overview of this BERNINA Toolbox example (The first example was from November, 2017 and is pointed-to later on this Web page). If, as you browse the following, the topic is of sufficient interest to contact our Webmaster, feel free to do so via eMail:
send mail to: BWOSToolbox at Bernina World of Sewing

August 2018

What Was Done
  • I was provided (on my computer) with previously - digitized files (English-language Alphabet Letters). The letters were made available, one letter per week, via the "BERNINA Blog Newsletter" (Europe). The letters were provided inside a ZIP file and were provided in a number of formats; I used the "EXP" format as input to My Toolbox (the BERNINA Toolbox). After extracting the letter from the provided-ZIP and moving the letter to the BERNINA Toolbox, I had the Toolbox export the letter back to the computer (that will be, again, in EXP format). I used both ART and EXP versions as input to the BERNINA Toolbox, simply for testing, Both approaches ended up in similar EXPs back onto the host, as shown below).
  • I, then, used BERNINA ARTlink8 to see the images as shown below (simply to get things started for this example's discussion). The BERNINA Toolbox example, itself, is shown following the individual letters.

I do not show the above actions; I am assuming the reader of this example understands such. If you DO have any questions. of course, just get back to me via the eMail contact shown on this Web page. In any case, here are the letters: (Clicking on any of the following will show that letter in a larger-sized image).

The last link to the Europe (Swiss) Website that hosted the letter was: (August, 2018) was: Thank you to Tatjana Hobrlant who provided the files to us.

This Projects' BERNINA Toolbox Example, August 2018

The following summary and screen-images are intended to give you an overview of what was done. They are not intended to instruct/show use of the Toolbox. If you have any questions/comments, of course, send me a note at your convenience:
send mail to: BWOSToolbox at Bernina World of Sewing
-- or, if we catch each other at the Raleigh store: See you, there! Thank you, in advance.
  • Have access to a set of already-digitized Alphabet letters. Move these letters to the BERNINA Toolbox.
  • Choose three of the letters ("D", "J" and "S" (in this example) and, in turn, move the three letters into a new design within the BERNINA Toolbox.
  • Arrange the three letters to be: DSJ
  • Make the "D" and the "J" smaller-sized than the "S": DSJ.
  • Ensure the new design will fit within a particular embroidery hoop.
  • Rotate the set-up-now design to fit within the chosen embroidery hoop (when the design will be ultimately stitched out).
  • Finalize the design as desired, working with design as DSJ (grouped together) or "D" or "S" or "J" ("un-grouped").
  • Review the planned colors for the design and other specifications of the design.
  • Export the BERNINA Toolbox design to the Computer's folder for Saving / Use via USB, etc. on the embroidery machine later.

Hopefully, the following shows you the general idea/steps taken. If interested-in and have questions/comments, just contact the Webmaster as shown in the above eMail link.

(Click on any of the following to see in a larger-sized image)

Import the EXP format of the letters

After starting BERNINA Toolbox, Import the EXP format of the letter (D). Then, repeat for the letter J and the letter S. We will work with the initials of my name... Why not?

Letters are Ready.

Start a New Design.

Begin by Adding a Design (we will add the letters that we previously Imported).

We start with the "D".

Position the "D".

Just a bit... for convenience in placing the other two letters as shown on our computer screen.

Look for and Add the "S".

Position the "S"

Then, get the "J"

How does it Look So-far?.

Let's Select the "D".

We want to make it a bit smaller than the middle-letter "S". We decide to do this by "grabbing" the letter's "select" handles. (Stay tuned for other examples which will discuss this topic).


We pay attention to that... however, I am not an embroidery expert! We discuss this, perhaps, in a future example.

"D" is Smaller - Next" The "J".

"J" is Smaller.

Yes, we were, once again, Alerted (not shown, here).

How are We Doing?.

Well... the "D" looks a bit too large as compared to the "S".

Select the "D" and Reduce its Size.

Yes, we were, once again, Alerted (not shown, here).

How are We Doing, Now?.

I can live with it... Later, when I pass it onto the machine-sewer, he/she may decide to further adjust the design when on the actual embroidery machine.

Let's View What the BERNINA Toolbox Says.

Some Design Information.

See What Hoop The Sewer May Use.

While keeping in mind the previously-seen Design Information. Looks OK.. It will fit...

Let's Select the Whole Design.

"Group it Together" for awhile.

We will "Edit" the "Grouped" Design.

Just for convenience, for awhile, we want to move all the letters at the same time. We could have - and, still can, if we wish to - work with the individual letters. For this example, the "group" works fine.

Using BERNINA Toolbox Edit to Rotate.

We will rotate the Group.

Firstly, 45-degrees..

Another 45-degrees..

Looks, now, more like the hoop that we looked at earlier.

Check the Design and a Potential Hoop.

Have the BERNINA Toolbox Show The Hoop.

Of course... we are viewing this on the computer-display and the hoop is not directly-related to the design that we are building... The shown-hoop is just guiding us along our way.

Move the Grouped Design.

Again: This is just for our "investigation" of the design as compared to the potential-hoop that the sewer will use. We could, of course, "Scale", "Mirror" or whatever we wanted to do using BERNINA Toolbox Edit.

One More Check of How We Are Doing.

Move the "D"... .

Well, the "final look" seemed to show that the "D" could be moved just a bit closer to the middle-letter "S". Easily done, using BERNINA Toolbox and clicking on just that letter within the grouped-design.

"D" Slightly Moved.

Move the "J" As Well.

Perhaps (depending upon what embroidery machine the actual embroidery person will use), he/she may do this "final tuning" on their machine. If done there... We hope the person saves the on-the-machine design onto the embroidery-machine's USB connection and returns such to us for use with BERNINA Toolbox, if needed... However, that matter is another topic to be discussed...

"D" and "J" Both Moved.

Checking the Final Design Information.

Checking the Final Design Information....

Checking the Final Design Information....

As I am not an embroidery person... I have little idea how the following could be used -- but, I am SURE an embroidery person would value such. Another topic to be discussed later?


Well... We need to move the BERNINA Toolbox design data (file) to an area that can be passed onto the actual embroidery-user.

Ask BERNINA Toolbox to Export the Design.

It will be exported as an EXP to the area on the computer than you select.

Now: REALLY Done!.

Done... From the computer's point of view... Press the "Back" Arrow to Return to the BERNINA Toolbox Home Panel. Of course, you need to place the "exported" file onto a USB for use by the embroidery-machine user (yes, you could "direct-wire" to the embroidery machine from the computer... however, not many users do such...).

Stitching In Progress.

Stitching Completed.


A Later Test - Enlarged the Original-Sized "D" 144%.
(Click on the following to see actual size of what was stitched)

If you have any comments or otherwise, please: send mail to: BWOSToolbox at Bernina World of Sewing

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