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BERNINA Toolbox Example February 2019
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This Web page is simply a (third) quick (hopefully quick..) overview of this BERNINA Toolbox example (The first two examples were from November, 2017 and August, 2018 and are pointed-to later on this Web page). If, as you browse the following, the topic is of sufficient interest to contact our Webmaster, feel free to do so via eMail:
send mail to: BWOSToolbox at Bernina World of Sewing

February 2019

What Was Done
  • I was provided (on my computer) with a previously - digitized file (A "Flamingo" -- the bird!). The file was made available, via the "BERNINA Experience" Website (USA and Europe).

    The embroidery file did not include the (above) shown-words/text. The Toolbox was used to add the words.

    The Flamingo was provided inside a ZIP file and was provided as an "artx" file, an ART70 file and an ART80 file "; I used the "artx" format as input to My Toolbox (the BERNINA Toolbox).

    After extracting the Flamingo (artx) from the provided-ZIP and moving it to the BERNINA Toolbox, I used the Toolbox Text support to add the letters/text that I wanted in the embroidery file -- and, finally had the Toolbox export the file back to the computer (the EXPORTed file was, then, in EXP format).

    I then placed the EXP-format Flamingo (that now included my added-text) onto a USB stick, placed the USB stick into a BERNINA 535 and stitched it out.

    The following-shown images discuss the process in more detail.

    Bring Up The BERNINA Toolbox
    (The steps to do this are not shown here; it is assumed that you know such). Our Toolbox license is shared between multiple persons on multiple devices (two at any given time) and the shown-files are results of previous activities by each person. The Flamingo is not in the Toolbox at this time: That is next!

    (Import) Bring the "Flamingo" into the BERNINA Toolbox
    Clicking on Import asks what name you want the imported file to be. I chose to use a new name: FlamingoFromBERNINAWeb1. While "in" the Toolbox, the design is in "artx" format. To us, the user, we can ignore the format handled within the Toolbox.

    The "Flamingo" is brought into (Imported) into the BERNINA Toolbox
    And: we can work within the provided panel. I chose to use the "Back" arrow. This immediate action Saves the original imported design.

    The "Flamingo" is in (Imported into) the BERNINA Toolbox...
    Since we did nothing other than the "Back" button, the image is the same as it was in the computer folder and, previously, within the ZIP.

    Create a New design
    We could work, directly, with the original (just imported into the Toolbox) design.... If we "mess" something up, etc. -- we can always Import once again. However, I chose to create a "New" design and leave the original alone within the Toolbox. I chose to use the name: bwosFamingo1a. Who knows, sometime I may create another New: Such as bwosFamingo1b..... For now, the New design will be "empty" as shown on the next panel.

    (Add) The "Flamingo" into our New design
    Our New design is empty - so, we "Add" the Flamingo.

    After clicking on Add, the "Flamingo" is brought into the New design (bwosFamingo1a)
    Now, we can work with the bwosFamingo1a design as we wish to.

    Choose a Hoop - Just for "alignment" Reasons
    As we will be modifying the design, let's "show" a Hoop boundary so that we don't have later surprises. The Hoop is, of course, just an "artificial/visual" boundary within the Toolbox. I chose a BERNINA 535 basic hoop. Again: This is simply an alignment/visual assist.

    Center/Place Our Design Within the "Visual" Hoop
    Ok... For convenience (as the shown-hoop is, of course, "artificial" here) -- HOWEVER it DOES help us align and know-where the design will fit within our chosen hoop -- we "grab" the center of our design and place it as we wish.

    (Lettering) Add Our Text to the "Flamingo"
    I opted to use the Lettering support of the Toolbox to add my text. I will do this in multiple steps; this will help later if I decide to change/move some of the entered-text... either using the Toolbox or using the BERNINA embroidery machine (we may discuss doing that in a later example). First, we add the "Dave is". Of course, we could use different "fonts" etc. as provided by the BERNINA Toolbox -- or, later, by the embroidery machine... The "Dave is" fit (within the "artificial Hoop") so I used the shown Toolbox sizes. If I wanted to / "needed" to, I could use the Toolbox support for changing letter size, etc. Since it fits, I left it alone. - simply "placed" it where I wanted "Dave is" to be within the design.

    Continue to Add Our Text to the Flamingo
    I add the second text - again, using the Lettering support of the Toolbox. I could have used Monogramming if I wanted to. The design, after adding "Sick of" has three main parts, now: The flamingo, the "Dave is" and the "Sick of".

    Complete the "Add Our Text to the Flamingo" Steps
    The last part "Unicorns!" did not fit as-defaulted, so I changed the size-of the text using the BERNINA Toolbox. The design, now has four main parts The flamingo, the "Dave is", the "Sick of" and the "Unicorns!". We have what I want -- so, we will, next, move the design "out of" the Toolbox back to the computer folder (Export).

    (Export) the Design
    We click on the BERNINA Toolbox symbol for the Export step and "export" to the desired folder.

    Our Computer Folder, Now, Has Our Modified Flamingo Design"
    The design, after Exported by the BERNINA Toolbox is in EXP format and is ready to be moved to a USB stick (for example) and, then, to the BERNINA embroidery machine (for this example, I will use the BERNINA 535).

    After Export - Use the Bernina Toolbox "Back Arrow"
    The BERNINA Toolbox has, as we progressed through the process, been saving the design for us as it is modified. That is one reason we used a different name for our "New" design at the beginning. Using the Back arrow will show, now, the New and the "original" design within the Toolbox.

    Our New Design is Safely Saved Within the BERNINA Toolbox
    OK! The Toolbox has our New design, the original Import(ed) design -- and we can safely leave the BERNINA Toolbox and move our computer-folder EXP file to the BERNINA 535.

    Colors - Within Our Design As shown by the BERNINA Toolbox
    Before leaving the BERNINA Toolbox, I took a look at the colors that are passed onto the EXP design (information) at this time. I could have used the Toolbox - or, later used the BERNINA embroidery machine (in my example: the B535), for adjusting the colors and re-arranging the stitching order, etc. For this example, I basically ignored the colors! Perhaps a further-on example expands on this topic.

    Leaving the BERNINA Toolbox
    I mentioned that we use the BERNINA Toolbox on multiple devices (in my case: My primary computer and on my laptop). As I leave the Toolbox (on whatever device I am finished with) I "Deactivate" the computer (that I am working on) as far as the Toolbox is concerned. When I use the Toolbox again on this or another computer, I will sign-in once again -- In my case: On either of my two computers.

    Working on the BERNINA B530
    Next, I moved (copied) the computer-folder's EXP-format file to a USB, placed it into the BERNINA B535 and, in this case: Simply stitched it out. Of course, if desired, I could have modified the Flamingo and Added Text as the B535 embroidery support allows me to do so.

    The following panels are simply provided for general information. On the day I stitched the piece - I used just one thread color and, as shown below. (Note: During this B535 session, I did not (yet) take the time to stich out the entire piece ... I DO intend to update the following as my time allows).

    Want to see a short (2 minutes) video of the stitching on the B535?
    If so, Click below:

    Want to see a bit-longer (9 minutes) video of the stitching on a BERNINA Artista 630?
    If so, Click below:

If you have any comments or otherwise, please: send mail to: BWOSToolbox at Bernina World of Sewing

If you wish to see the previous examples "published" as part of this topic:

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