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Staff Gallery

Our staff is often busily making store samples and other pieces, sometimes testing new patterns and books.

On this page, we present some of those special projects.
Last Update: July 8, 2016

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Customer Gallery

Gatherings Gallery

Sonja Shogren, Raleigh NC

Entered Gallery: December, 2014
Piece Name: Blooming Nine Patch 2014
Size: 80" x 90"

Created during the 2014 Gathering at the store -- and, of course: At home, in between Gatherings!

A Closer Look

Sonja Shogren, Raleigh NC

Entered Gallery: November, 2013
Piece Name: On-Point
Size: 90" x 90"

This started out as a summetime store sample - and, I "fell in love" with it! The piece is based on the Kaffe Fassett Quilts "Shots And Stripes" Book, specifically the "On-Point Handkerchief Corners" piece discussed in the book. Some fabric that I used is from the Kaffe Fassett "Stripes" Collections including: Broad Stripes, Narrow Stripes, Alternating Stripes, Caterpillar, Exotic and Multi Stripes.

A Closer Look

Ursula Cronk, Raleigh NC

Entered Gallery: November, 2013
Piece Name: Embroidered Leafs
Size: Three pieces, each 8" x 12", Framed onto Wood (Total size: 30" x 15")

(Comment to be added soon).

A Closer Look

Sonja Shogren, Raleigh NC

Entered Gallery: October, 2011
Piece Name: Alphabet Quilt
Size: 83" x 90"

I used the panel and fabric from the "Alphabet Zoo" collection by Leanne Anderson for Henry Glass & Co. as a start - and, added my own "touches". The quilt is made for the Children's Hospital in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

A Closer Look

BWOS Staff Member

Entered Gallery: July, 2011
Piece Name: Deco Beauties
Size:68" x 68"

I used sewing patterns from the 1930s for the figures and adapted the "Lavender Ladies" quilt pattern by Darlene Zimmerman.

A Closer Look

Ursula Cronk, Raleigh NC

Entered Gallery: May, 2011
Piece Name: My first "Ursula

My friend, Laura Martell (The Creative Thimble), designed a small purse pattern for me. Our store will have the pattern: "Ursula and Emily" available in early May, 2011.

A Closer Look

Kate George, Raleigh NC

Entered Gallery: May, 2011
Piece Name: Little Wallet
Size: 4 2/4" x 3 3/8"

It was a super fast and fun project and: looks to be a great gift idea!

A Closer Look

To comment, please eMail us and we will get the comment to the artist. Thank you!

We would LOVE to have your quilt be in our 2011 area.

Just stop by the store and we will make a photo of your piece - or, send us a photo online (accompanied with the following information):

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  • Name (if "named") of the piece placed into the gallery:
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  • Is it OK for us to place your name on our Customer Gallery Website (Yes or No): __________

Stop by the store or: eMail

Note: If you send a photo of your completed piece,
please send the largest-sized photo that you took.
We will adjust the size for Web-viewing. Thank you.

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